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Please help to remove mistakes from this wiki and fill in the blanks!

If you know anything about "The Jungle Book", it would be highly appreciated if you would share your knowledge using this wiki.

Any user is allowed to add (Jungle Book related) content here, as on an Internet forum.

Even if you don't know anything about The Jungle Book your help is welcome. Several pages in this wiki are hard to read summaries of facts. Maybe you know how to make them easier to read.


It is not needed to know anything about HTML or webpublishing.

On every page you see the option 'Edit' in the top-right corner and on the bottom of the page. Try it on the Wiki Sandbox and see how easy it is to edit or create articles here (the sandbox will be cleaned up about 15 minutes after your edits, so no problem when you make a mess of it there).

Maybe you like to add somenthing to my 'ToDo'? (Marc)

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