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Frequently Asked Questions

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(See also Facts And Questions)

Q: What exactly is a "wiki"?

A: See PmWiki/WikiWikiWeb for a description. Wikipedia also has an excellent article at Wikipedia:Wiki.

Q: Where can I practice editing?

A: The usual place to practice editing is in the Main/WikiSandbox.

Q: Why JBWiki? Isn't Wikipedia anough?

A: Wikipedia is a very good Encyclopedia! but the information in JBWiki can be more focused on The Jungle Books where Wikipedia needs to be more general (more complete).
JBWiki does not require complete articles, every small piece of relevant information is welcome.
Often pages only contain a link to more information.

Q: Where can I put ideas without direct changing a page?

A: You can use the page Facts And Questions or maybe we should start a page Discussion.

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